Product Concept

The Florentine centuries-old tradition in leather processing, the ability of Florentine artisans, the best leathers of Santa Croce district.
We add to passion, search and love in details, a strong bond to Italian craftsmanship,that make each Angelina home product unique.

Angelina home, surprising contrasts

Angelina home is characterized by its clean lines, quality materials and surprising contrasts.
Angelina home is designed for entertaining guests with creativity and comfort, but also to make special any time of your day. Using leather and high-quality finish enhanced by an innovative design, it instills a sense of timeless, cozy and sophisticated style. Modern advances with retro details, the collections entirely handmade, add elegant and welcoming atmosphere to your home.
The Angelina home collections focus on the heart of our tables to add sparkle and style, improving its functionality.
Discover all the combinations that can embellish your table, cocooned yourself and impress your guests.

Angelina home Double-face concept

Angelina home a synthesis of elegance and modernity which is deeply rooted in the Italian taste. Collections tell the story of a journey through generations, with their history, culture, past and excitement for the future. The table accessories, proposed are defined by essential volumes and simple lines,  in the rectangular, smoothed and circle models, always following the idea of informal elegance, which characterized, Angelina home brand .
The Angelina home tableware set proposals are emphasized by functionality and harmonious combination of materials and colors.
The structural relationship between design and leather creates a new and balanced aesthetic.
Angelina home is the result of aesthetic austerity, research of new means of expression and extraordinary craftsmanship.
Angelina home, trough to the spirit of the collections and to its strictly avant-garde approach, emphasizes a language which is able to combine, tradition and contemporary style, providing an unique products.

Angelina home, use concept

Each product has been produced by selecting the best combination of material type and color matching.
The fabric sewing, and the red paint finish, distinguish every object. All products are versatile and fit for the use you wish for your mise en place. Choose, mix and assemble all Angelina home tableware set accessories: under dish, centerpiece, placemat, under decanter, under carafe, flower centerpieces, under breadbox, napkin rings.
Choose one product among our offer, and be surprised by the double-face propositions. Make it your own, in order to treat yourself something special and surprise always your guests. Browse our collections.

Angelina home conscious concept

Production made thanks to an innovative method that allows the substitution of chemical agents used in tanning with high chlorine content, difficult to biodegrade, with products of natural origin in the fattening phase of the tanning process of skins. This solution not only increases the biodegradability of products and reduces the accumulation of chemicals in the environment, but also improves the quality of the finished products.
Products that can respond with sustainable solutions to ever-increasing challenges in terms of environment, safety, aesthetic features and performance.
In addition a better water management during the production, significant reduction in water consumption, the reduction that was possible by developing new cleaning techniques. All products are made of real leather, certified for origin and workmanship Gold LWG, in compliance with the laws on against animal abuse and in the regulations on respect for the environment. Leathers certified for origin and workmanship Gold Rated Audited Against LWG Standards. LWG Environmental Stewardship Audit Number 037 18.11.2019 – 17.11.2021. I.T.G. Environmental Technology GmbH.  The type of processing is palmellato, not printed, dyed in different shades of colors, or printed with patterns of animal skin, such as Elephant, Mammoth, Crocodile, Race, Caiman, Buffalo. The two leathers, thanks to the innovative double-face concept, are assembled to a central reinforcement of recycled, rigid material; hand sewn, with red cotton thread, and glazed with color in compliance with the regulations and that the leather is not dyed using the oil of Wales or any other cetacean, or toxic, or chemical substance of the C.E.E. In case of request of a order in real leather orders of animals of specific breeds or protected, they will be evaluated according to the laws in force of the CITES rules, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, from the English Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species, an International convention signed in Washington in 1973. These products are not offered in the Angelina home.

How to take care of your Angelina home product


  • – Do not put anything excessively heavy, or to extreme high or low temperatures, do not use the item for any unusual purpose which could alter the materials and the colors.
  • – Keep the item away from sharp objects.
  • – Do not use any detergents (alcohol, solvents and thinners), oily products (lipsticks) or inks (pens) which could irreversibly and indelibly damage the item.
  • – Do not expose the item to high temperatures or direct sunlight over long periods.
  • – Keep the item away from any material with possibly unstable colors that may stain the Angelina home or the lining.
  • – Keep the item away from liquids. When appropriate, mop the liquid gently using a soft, dry cotton cloth that does not peel.

Cleaning and storing leather

  • – Clean your Angelina home, leather item by wiping it with a soft cotton cloth that does not peel.
  • – Do not use plastic to store the item.
  • – Do not wash in a washing machine or use any other mechanical process.
  • – Angelina home only uses noble and natural materials.


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