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Double face stunning set belongs to the Luxury Collection, counting classy tableware accessories in certified calfskin. Master craftsmen treat the leather to obtain a texture deftly reproducing the echoing the charm of the exotic animals. A pair of coordinated napkin rings measuring 14x4x0.45cm is included with purchase. Placemat realized in real leather, sewing in red cotton, red enamel trim, hand-stamped, in red ink. Hand made by our skilled craftsmen. The product are sold in pairs, accompained by two napkin ring. Double face Sottopiatto realizzato in vera pelle, cucito in cotone rosso, finiture in smalto rosso, timbrato a mano, con inchiostro rosso. Realizzato a mano dai nostri abili artigiani. I prodotti vengono venduti in coppia, accompagnati da due portatovaglioli. Choose your color/Seleziona la tua fantasia in cm 35×30

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Kenya African Ostrich / Nile Crocodile Black, Kenya African Ostrich / Nile Crocodile Dark-Brown, Kenya African Ostrich / Nile Crocodile Red, Luisiana Alligator Dark-Brown / Alligator Black, Miami Caiman / Rock Phyton, Mozambique African Elephant / Stingray Black, Mozambique African Elephant / Stingray Dark-Brown, Mozambique African Elephant / Stingray Red, Tanzania Cape Buffalo / Rhino Black, Tanzania Cape Buffalo / Rhino Dark-Brown, Tanzania Cape Buffalo / Rhino Red