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Iconic Collection turns to Bio – Leather

Organic Leather is a more sustainable product, which gives life to more ecological, ethical and safe products. The origin of the leather an the tanning are the two key points of the discussion

animals raised ethically according to organic principles, and therefore limiting the use of antibiotics and relying on a natural and organic diet in turn.
Natural and vegetable tanning systems, which have a substantially less impact on the environment than traditional methods.
Level of certifications Angelina home dedicates our commitment to a more sustainable production to the Iconic collection by proposing
Angelina home accessories, with a new type of leather, creating accessories in split calfskin, for the Iconic collection. The calf split is a non-smooth leather obtained from the second layer of tanning. It can be colored in a barrel, that is, literally immersed in large barrels and left for some time, in order to absorb the color.
Double face patterns: Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Angelina, stunning set of placemats belongs to the Iconic Collection, counting classy tableware accessories in certified calfskin.

A pair of coordinated napkin rings measuring 14x4x0.45 cm is included with purchase.

I prodotti vengono venduti in coppia, accompagnati da due portatovaglioli.

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Angelina Red/ Black, Kenya African Ostrich / Nile Crocodile Black, Mozambique African Elephant / Stingray Red, Tanzania Cape Buffalo / Rhino Dark-Brown