Placemat Smoothed 40×35


Double side  stunning set belongs to the Luxury Collection, counting classy tableware accessories in certified calfskin. Master craftsmen treat the leather to obtain a texture deftly reproducing the echoing the charm of the exotic animals. A pair of coordinated napkin rings measuring 14x4x0.45 cm is included with purchase. Tablemat/Placemat realized in real leather, sewing in red cotton, red enamel trim, hand-stamped, in red ink. Hand made by our skilled craftsmen. The product are sold in pairs, accompained by two napkin ring./ Double side Tovaglietta/Sottopiatto realizzato in vera pelle, cucito in cotone rosso, finiture in smalto rosso, timbrato a mano, con inchiostro rosso. Realizzato a mano dai nostri abili artigiani. I prodotti vengono venduti in coppia, accompagnati da due portatovaglioli. Choose your color/Seleziona la tua fantasia in cm 40×35

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Kenya African Ostrich / Nile Crocodile Black, Kenya African Ostrich / Nile Crocodile Dark-Brown, Kenya African Ostrich / Nile Crocodile Red, Luisiana Alligator Dark-Brown / Alligator Black, Miami Caiman / Rock Phyton, Mozambique African Elephant / Stingray Black, Mozambique African Elephant / Stingray Dark-Brown, Mozambique African Elephant / Stingray Red, Tanzania Cape Buffalo / Rhino Black, Tanzania Cape Buffalo / Rhino Dark-Brown, Tanzania Cape Buffalo / Rhino Red